Introducing the Digital Marketing Platform for Main Street

Social Wave is the only comprehensive marketing solution created from the ground up to address the digital marketing needs of Main Street business districts. It's a cloud based suite of well integrated services that joins together Web, Email, and Social Media marketing into one coordinated approach that saves time and produces professional quality marketing.

We made Social Wave to help Main Street districts look more like designer retail destinations than scrappy downtowns of mom and pop storefronts.

A Suite of Integrated Marketing Tools

Social Wave is the technology that powers a fully customized website we setup for your Main Street district. It infuses your website with a suite of powerful digital marketing tools in one well integrated package, which keeps things simple and allows a single administrator or a small team of administrators to manage everything.

No Technical Expertise Required

If you can use Facebook, you can use Social Wave. The Social Wave system was designed for people who wear multiple hats and have modest technical skills. Most of the system is managed through a series of forms and mouse driven menus.

Ideal for Revitalization Efforts

Social Wave is ideal for downtowns undergoing revitalization efforts. If your district has a lot of things happening and you need a way to keep everything organized and tools to help you build and engage with an audience, Social Wave was made for you.

Your Website as a Marketing Command Center

By integrating the newsletter tools, social media tools, and website together into one cloud based platform, your website becomes more than just a website. It becomes your marketing command center where you can control your content and monitor things happening on multiple platforms.

Save Time and Effort

It takes as little as five hours a week for a skilled administrator to run an active website (with or without additional contributors), publish daily to multiple social media channels, and compose an email newsletter.

Multiple Users and Flexible Editorial Policies

Your Social Wave system is intended to be used by one or more administrators with or without additional users. There are several models for how the publishing process is managed. You can choose a strictly top-down model where the administrator owns everything, a more open model where businesses in your district are allowed to post, or a blended model that gives you both options.

Made for Main Street

The Social Wave platform was made specifically for Main Streets and Downtowns. We have been actively using versions of the Social Wave Engine with several Northern California downtowns over the past ten years.

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