Powerful Web, Email, and Social Media Marketing for Main Streets

Social Wave helps Main Street business districts develop their brand through smarter digital marketing.

Social Wave helps Main Street business districts do better online marketing. We created the only marketing platform of its kind specifically made to address the needs of Main Street. It's a cloud based suite of well integrated tools that coordinates Web, Email, and Social Media marketing into a unified approach to help you produce professional results in less time.

Custom Websites with Email Newsletters & Social Media Tools Built In

Marketing a Main Street business district is hard.

We know because we've been helping downtowns draw foot traffic to their business districts for over a decade. We've lived the challenges of working with business districts made up of Mom and Pop small businesses. Mom and Pops are an especially challenging group to work with and we created the Social Wave marketing platform to help us with those challenges.

Your Website as a Marketing Command Center

The Social Wave marketing platform consists of a fully customized website hosted on our system with a suite of well integrated digital marketing tools. You can do things like create email newsletters and schedule social media posts straight from your website. Everything works together and everything has been streamlined to just work. Even in a very active district, it can take as little as five hours a week to keep the website updated, send out a newsletter, and publish to social media.

Perfect for One Editor or with Many Contributing Users

Social Wave works equally well in situations when you have one person doing all of the publishing or when you have many users contributing content. An editor can take full command or open things up and use editorial tools to manage and approve posts submitted by member businesses or other users.

Used by one of Silicon Valley's most admired small downtowns

Downtown Campbell is a small downtown with popular events year round that draws people from all over Northern California. Downtown Campbell's success is even more remarkable considering that it operates on a shoestring budget and has zero full time staff. Under resourced, Downtown Campbell nevertheless became one of Silicon Valley's most admired small downtowns with some help from the Social Wave Marketing Platform.

Social Wave's marketing platform empowers the downtown of one of Sunset Magazine's best suburbs in the Western States.

Sunset Magazine named Campbell, CA as one of the best suburbs in the western states, citing the downtown as a key reason. Since 2004, Social Wave has powered Downtown Campbell's marketing and has helped bring more people to the events, festivals, and activities that make it such a vibrant and engaging place.

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