Email Marketing Made Easy

An Email newsletter is an important part of a well balanced digital marketing approach because you can't reach everyone through social media. Also, an email list is the only audience you truly own. If email marketing didn't take so much effort, more districts would be doing it.

Most email marketing solutions only help you craft less ugly emails. Social Wave's goes beyond that. It forms a one-two punch with the website to allow you to quickly pick existing content you want to feature and then it builds a fully customized newsletter entirely for you. All you need to do is send it.

Create Great Looking Newsletters in Minutes Instead of Hours

Social Wave's newsletter tools are built in as part of your website, which allows us to automate the process of building the newsletter for you. The end result is that you can get a great looking newsletter that's completely customized to your district's branding in a fraction of the time.

Different Layout Options to Choose From

The process for creating your newsletters is automated, but that doesn't mean everything looks the same. You have options to mix things up with several different layouts to suit different needs.

Perfectly Formatted in Your Branding Every Time

Getting email newsletters done right is very hard to do. The slightest mistake can cause the entire email to break down. Our engine will do it right and do it in your branding using a custom email newsletter template created just for you. Your newsletter will look great whether viewed on a mobile device or on a regular computer. Images will be automatically optimized for viewing in email programs.

A Website that Supports Your Email Marketing

Your newsletter won't do any good if it doesn't have any subscribers so Social Wave sites are built with features to help support the newsletter and encourage visitors to sign up for it.

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