About Social Wave

Businesses choose to open on Main Street because location matters. Social Wave aims to help you harness that communal energy so that location matters even when you're online. We've built a comprehensive service that provides business districts with everything needed to produce digital marketing campaigns that will allow them to promote their districts as a branded identity and attract foot traffic.

Social Wave helps organizations such as Business Improvement Districts, Downtown Associations, or Chambers of Commerce produce sophisticated online marketing that is more commonly seen from designer shopping districts with fully staffed management offices. It was designed specifically for the needs of small to medium sized business districts and was made to work the way those districts work. It started off as a simple Web marketing platform used to power DowntownCampbell.com in 2004 and as it grew, it expanded to serve additional downtowns in Northern California over the years.

About Sheldon Chang

Sheldon Chang is the developer of Social Wave, the longtime administrator of DowntownCampbell.com, and a guy who's shopped local long before it was ever a thing. He's a believer in Main Street as the gatekeeper of local culture and its role in fostering the sense of community that makes a place a place.

His online online journey started in 1984 (really) and he's been building websites since the mid 90's when NCSA Mosaic was the (not so) household name in Web browsers. Sheldon has been many things in his widely varied tech career and all of those influences are reflected in his work on Social Wave. He has been a Healthcare IT Evangelist, Project Manager, Salesforce CRM Administrator, Front End Web developer, Back End Web Developer, Social Media Manager, and the CTO of Closet Couture (a startup company named by TechCrunch as one of the 50 startups to watch in 2008).

Sheldon is a proud native of Silicon Valley and is a graduate of Boston University (SAR '96, SAR '98).