Editorial and Content Tools

Social Wave doesn't just have tools to help you publish your content across your Web, Email, and Social Media channels. It also has tools to help you gather the information you need so you always have something new and interesting to share with your audience.

With our content and editorial tools, you can easily monitor dozens of Facebook pages for updates, harvest content from posts made by businesses in your district, and manage submissions from additional contributors.

Multiple Users and Flexible Editorial Policies

Your Social Wave system is intended to be used by one or more administrators with or without additional users. There are several models for how the publishing process is managed. You can choose a strictly top-down model where the administrator owns everything, a more open model where businesses in your district are allowed to post, or a blended model that gives you both options.

Automated Notifications

Managing the marketing for a downtown means doing a lot of communicating to get feedback or verification. We'll reduce the number of emails that you have to send from your mail program by triggering automatic notifications when certain things happen so you can keep working without stopping to send emails to ask for input.

Facebook Feed Browser

Most of the businesses in your district are using Facebook and most of the time, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your district by following their pages. That's easier said than done when there are hundreds of pages to follow, which is why we have a Facebook browser that lets you define custom feeds that arrange posts in chronological order. You can have feeds to let you track posts from your boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops separately so you can quickly catch up on their latest updates. Instagram coming soon.

Facebook Import Tool

If you do a lot of copying and pasting from Facebook, an import feature we built into our Facebook Browser will save you and your members a lot of time. Simply choose posts that you want to copy over to the website and we'll load the post into a form to add content to the site for you so you can make edits as needed and publish it to the site. Instagram coming soon.

Editorial Message Centers

When businesses submit their own posts for administrators to approve, there's a message center for every post to make communicating about the status of the post easy. If a post has to be rejected, administrators can make suggestions for revisions to be delivered back to the user.

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