Powerful Custom Websites for Main Street

Even in the age of social media, websites are as important as ever for Main Street districts. An engaging website gives you a foundation to create an identity around and amplifies the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts.

Social Wave is the only platform of its kind for creating websites for small to medium sized business districts. It was started as a private toolkit to power the websites of several Northern California downtowns in 2004 and has been constantly refined address their specific needs.

Too many business districts neglect their websites in favor of social media. Faced with time and resource constraints, it's understandable that many would choose the path of immediate returns, but it's a mistake to focus on short term gain over building a lasting brand for your district. It's also just not wise to invest exclusively in a proprietary platform that you have no control over.

You need to do both and with Social Wave powering your website, you'll never have to choose one or the other again because websites built on our technology stack aren't just websites. They're marketing command centers designed to integrate with social media services so that everything you create for your website sets you up to also improve your social media game.


Customizable look and feel

We have a library of page layouts that have been refined over the years, but if you need something entirely different, it can be done. The look and feel of every website powered by Social Wave can be customized down to the last detail.

Complete Technical Support

The back end of your website is fully managed. That means you don't have to worry about security and technical issues. We do all of that.

Typical Web Hosting Features Included

Websites on the Social Wave platform are hosted solutions that come standard with services that are typical of most Web hosting solutions. We also provide things like email accounts and group mailing lists with every setup.

Business Directory, Events Calendar, Dining Guides, Webforms, Etc.

The Social Wave engine supports just about any feature you could want on a business district site. Take a look at our portfolio sites for examples.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

Every site is a made to look great on any type of device.

SEO Friendly and Optimized for Social Media

Pages on Social Wave are optimized to be SEO friendly and ideal for sharing through social media.

Seamless Integration with Newsletters and Social Media

Email marketing and social media marketing tools are built into your website to automate time consuming processes and make it easy for you to monitor all of your digital marketing from the same place.

Single or Multiple Users

Although the Social Wave platform was designed for multiple users, it also works just as well if you want a tightly controlled setup with only a single administrative user in control.

Helpful notifications and messaging

Our marketing platform is intended to be used collaboratively so it's equipped with messaging interfaces and notifications that will help site administrators ask for feedback and follow-up information.

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