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For Main Street districts, just being active on social media isn't enough. To get the most out of your efforts, you need to plan ahead and coordinate your messaging across all of your digital marketing channels: Web, Email, and Social Media.

Social Wave helps you maximize your social media investment with tools that allow you to visualize your usage patterns, organize your messages, and schedule future posts. We make these tools an extension of your website so there isn't another service to manage and everything you need to get started is built in.

Schedule Posts to Social Media Services

It doesn't get any easier than this to schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter. We built social media scheduling into the website so you can engage in content marketing and promote posts on your website through social media directly from the posts themselves. Scheduling posts also saves you from having to be constantly signed into social media or having to interrupt your day to get a post out at the right time.

Drag and Drop Social Media Calendar

Social Wave's drag and drop social media calendar helps you stay organized and plan your social media activities for maximum effectiveness. Use it to visualize your posting schedule and spread out your messaging. If you have too many posts on one day, just drag it to another day to reschedule it for later.

Social Media Activity Dashboard

Like the rest of our platform, our social media tools are optimized to help a small number of administrators support a large number of small businesses. A social media dashboard helps you keep tabs on which topics and businesses are getting the most coverage from your scheduled posts.

Optimized Social Media Previews

When links to pages on your site are posted to social media, Social Wave will make sure they look good when shared. Preview images and summaries are automatically generated to display when a link to your pages are posted to a social media account.

Facebook Feed Browser

Most of the businesses in your district are using Facebook and most of the time, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your district by following their pages. That's easier said than done when there are hundreds of pages to follow, which is why we have a Facebook browser that lets you define custom feeds that arrange posts in chronological order. You can have feeds to let you track posts from your boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops separately so you can quickly catch up on their latest updates. Instagram coming soon.

Facebook Import Tool

If you do a lot of copying and pasting from Facebook, an import feature we built into our Facebook Browser will save you and your members a lot of time. Simply choose posts that you want to copy over to the website and we'll load the post into a form to add content to the site for you so you can make edits as needed and publish it to the site. Instagram coming soon.

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